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Christopher Columbus - Savior of the Natives

In the past several years there has been increasing propaganda against the explorer Christopher Columbus over allegations that he was a mass murderer that caused the genocide of tens of millions of people. The truth is not only where there only 2-3 million at most in North America at the time, but colonization improved the lives of the "native" peoples several times over. They gained access to much more advanced technology, a better form of government and the "natives" themselves gained property rights.

There was a huge technology disparity between the people living in North America and the people living in Europe in 1492. The people in North America were living thousands of years in the past without modern agriculture, architecture or medicine. Within a few hundred years they finally were able to catch up to European Standards, with access to real medicine instead of Witch Doctors. They also were able to get a real education instead of just being taught things fro…

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